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One way to be friendly to the earth and save money is to keep the setting of your water heater at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This can cut your monthly electric bill by up to 10 percent for a four person family.

If you want to save on your heat bill, you can start by heating the rooms separately. Certain floor heating solutions allow you to set a different temperature for each room on a main board. If you live in a larger home, this is an effective solution.

Frozen foods can be thawed out in the fridge. This can thaw food safely and reduce energy consumption for the refrigerator.

Use LED lights on your Christmas tree or when decorating your home for Christmas. Over two billion kilowatt power hours can be saved! The Department of Energy has shown that the United States could conserve over 2 billion kWh of electricity if all households switched light types. That’s enough electricity to power 200,000 houses for a whole year. You could reduce the amount of your own utility bill as well.

Solar panels can be a great addition for your home, making it more efficient and greener. This can be a costly option in the beginning but it will pay great economic and environmental dividends over time. Once you’ve made the initial investment in solar panels, you can actually pay them off and make money by selling energy back to the grid.

Programmable thermostats are interesting high tech ways to harness green energy. Programmable thermostats can regulate temperature for you so you can control the temperature when you are asleep or not at home; this way, your units do not cool and heat for nothing. The newest models can have a number of stop and start times for every day of the week, in order to best conserve power.

Perhaps you can’t power your entire home through renewable energy, but you may be able to start with a section. A good place to start would be by replacing your hot water heater. Replacing this one appliance can save you a lot of money.

Take the time to seek advice from a qualified professional. Before you purchase a costly alternative energy system, ensure you know everything about the system to ensure it truly is cost efficient. Be cautious of salesmen who want to sell you on a “green” system and don’t offer much in the way of evidence for efficiency.

You may be able to reduce your energy usage by upgrading your insulation. If your home was built more than 30 years ago, the chances are high that your home needs more adequate insulation. You can lower your heating expenses while keeping your home warmer.

While wading through the sea of ideas online isn’t fun, getting started with the tips listed here will be. These tips are easy and affordable means of incorporating simple changes to your house that will yield great results for both you and the environment. The environment and your wallet will both thank you for making these small changes.

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