Types of Solar Energy and Solar Panels

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Types of Solar Energy and Solar Panels

Solar energy comes in several forms. The majority of us are most familiar with solar cells, but you’ll find actually several distinct ways to develop and shop solar energy. Here are some of those ways:

Solar Cells – Most of us have noticed solar cells utilised on calculators with LCDs. But they have also been utilised in several other ways. Solar cells use semiconductors (oftentimes, silicon) to produce electricity, directly from the sunlight.

Solar Fibers – This is also a photovoltaic device (like the solar cells), only it doesn’t use silicon. Rather, it has a solar tape that’s created with titanium dioxide. This tape could actually be combined with creating materials or even clothing.

Solar Pond – A solar pond is created of 3 layers: the leading layer as low salt content. The middle layer is an insulating layer with salt, and it prevents natural convection within the water (which would normally cause heat exchange). The bottom layer as an extremely high salt content, and this layer can strategy high temperatures. Because of all the densities in salt of the distinct layers, you’ll find no convection currents (which normally transfer heat towards the surface and then the air). The heat that gets trapped within the bottom layer may be utilised to heat buildings, produce electricity, or in industrial processes.

Solar Chemical – There are actually a number of distinct solar energy processes that absorb sunlight in a chemical reaction to develop that solar energy. A lot more study is required on solar chemical energy before we are able to apply it practically. Considerably of this study is on photoelectrolysis of water.

Solar Updraft Tower – This is a type of solar energy plant in which air passes under an agricultural glass house, gets heated by the sun, and is then channel up toward a convection tower. It really is utilised to drive turbines which produce electricity.

Power Tower – This tower uses water, however, but it is also a great style and works in a comparable approach to the solar updraft tower. Water is sprayed at the leading of the water. The water evaporates which causes a downdraft by cooling the air. This coolness increases the density of the air and then drives turbines that are at the bottom of the tower.

These are just some ways in which solar energy has been and is getting produced. Maybe essentially the most common household type of solar energy is that produced by solar cells. Nonetheless, these other types are quite promising and absolutely have their location.

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